Monday, March 14, 2005

Sweet Vengance

The lengths that people will go to in order to protect their pride astound me.

The other day at work I delivered to man who upon answering the door jerked the pizza out of my hand and hastily tried to shut the door. I stopped him before he could and informed him that I needed to see his credit card. Agast with annoyance, he went and got his card. He held it out to me in his hand refusing to let it go. I told him that I needed to make an impression of it. At this point, he exclaimed "Why the hell do you need an impression of it? They took my number over the phone". I told him, "We need to take an impression of the card to make sure the person on the phone is the actual owner of the card; it's just our policy." He responds, "That's bullshit, you don't need my goddamn card, this is the stupidest thing I've ever heard of" I say, "Sir, it's a measure we take so that-" He cuts me off with "No! That's All!" He walks back into his house part of the way and screams "Trying to make an impression of a credit card with a nickel!!!! What a fucking MORON!!!".

Upon returning to the store, one of my bosses called the man back and tried to explain to him what I was unable to. His conversation with him was worse than mine apparently. The man claimed I was drunk and high and thought that we were trying to steal his credit card information. As I said, the conversation didn't seem to go well. The man called the company the next day to complain, and his version of events were much, much different.

According to him: HE called back after I made the delivery. That I told him that if I wanted to steal his fucking card that I would have already.

In all probability, the card number he gave us wasn't his own card and that's why he wouldn't let me make an impression or sign the receipt.


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