Monday, April 30, 2018

Money Grubbing Piles of Trash

Granted, most critics liked it, but to the ones that love to pop their heads up any time a comic book movie comes out complaining about the over the top special effects, or to declare that these movies are nothing more than over-expensive money grubbing piles of trash...First of all, something being commercial and also having artistic merit are not mutually exclusive. Second: I have not seen 1 fan reaction gushing about the special effects on Infinity War. Nobody is talking about being blown away by explosions or CGI alien creatures. EVERY positive reaction I've seen has been talking about the emotional impact it had. So while I do enjoy reading reviews to see different takes on movies, some of them seem to be paying a whole hell of a lot more attention to the SFX than the fans who are actually shelling out all the money.

I guess my point is about any individual movie. Someone claiming that they're tired of seeing these types of movies or something says nothing about the merit of one specific movie. I get it, maybe some people, like James Cameron, are sick of it. More to the point I've ready reviews specifically talking about Infinity War being an over-bloated mess of characters and CG with no substance. Ok, fine, that's their opinion. Can't please everyone. I just find it interesting that the fan reactions are all about how it * felt *, not how it looked. I'm not saying that critics are always wrong, or even mostly wrong... I'm saying that some that were writing reviews about this particular movie already had it in their head that they were sick of this sort of thing. But...again, even if it got mostly bad reviews I'm not going to go on some tirade about how reviewers are evil or are conspiring to take the wind from the sails of a certain franchinse, director, or type of movie (EG: DCEU).

Wednesday, January 03, 2018

Movies Seen For the First Time in 2017

Out of 4 stars.
  1. Star Wars Rogue One (***½)
  2. The Accountant (***)
  3. The Girl on the Train (***)
  4. Magnificent Seven 2016 (***)
  5. Storks (***)
  6. Finding Dory (***½)
  7. Lego Batman (***)
  8. Logan (****)
  9. Shane (****)
  10. Bells of San Fernando (**)
  11. Whiplash (****)
  12. High Noon (***)
  13. Jungle Book 2016 (***)
  14. To Catch a Thief (***)
  15. Passengers (***)
  16. Paterson (****)
  17. Hunt for the Wilderpeople (****)
  18. Split (****)
  19. GOTG 2 (****)
  20. Get Out (****)
  21. Wonder Woman (****)
  22. Lost City of Z (***½)
  23. Only God Forgives (***)
  24. Spider-man Homecoming (***)
  25. Free Fire (***)
  26. Atomic Blonde (***)
  27. Philadelphia Story (****)
  28. Wind River (****)
  29. Astro Boy (***)
  30. Good Time (***)
  31. Singin’ in the Rain (***½)
  32. Baby Driver (****)
  33. Kong Skull Island (***)
  34. Mother! (****)
  35. War Wagon (***)
  36. Bladerunner 2049 (****)
  37. War for the Planet of the Apes (****)
  38. Kingsman: The Golden Circle (**)
  39. Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (***)
  40. 1 (Life on the Limit) (***1/2)
  41. Thor Ragnarok (****)
  42. Ladybird (****)
  43. Justice League (**½)
  44. Captain Underpants (***)
  45. The Mechanic (***½)
  46. The Last Jedi (****)
  47. Dunkirk (***½)

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Though I'm not usually a fan of folksy sayings, "If all you carry is a hammer, every problem looks like a nail" is one of my favorites. I've had to unfollow friends because of this to avoid getting into petty internet arguments. It's like they've got their one pet issue and try to awkwardly contort and cram every news story into a mold that's the shape of whatever their "thing" is. It's incredibly myopic, ego/ethnocentric and it's frustrating to read from people that I otherwise have a great deal of respect for.

I don't know how to tell you this, but the problems in the world exist due to countless different reasons. Not everything is about you. Some of it is, but not all of it.
I imagine a few people are going to read this and think it's specifically about them and their "issue". Stop that...that's exactly what I'm talking about.

Expand your worldview and never stop expanding it.

Friday, November 10, 2017

I was in such a foul mood going to work this morning that I was passing judgement on farm animals that I drove by. There's a plot of land with horses on it on that pass every morning and I saw one of the horses eating grass. Out loud to nobody in particular I say "You lazy piece of shit I saw you standing there munching on that same patch of grass when I was driving home yesterday, do something with your life". Hopefully the rest of my Friday goes better.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

I'm done, I'm just done. This whole Obama/Katrina thing just again demonstrates the very fundamental level at which people don't care about their own ignorance. It doesn't even matter... you point out why someone's being ignorant and it makes no difference because it's resting on top of an even deeper foundation of ignorance. You point out why THAT'S wrong and they point out something even deeper, then eventually they circle back around to the first thing again. I'm out. Be stupid, then celebrate it each time you reach new depths. Wreck the fucking planet. Plunge the country into economic and political darkness. Hate who you're gonna fucking hate, I can't stop you anyway. I'm autistc, an atheist, a "liberal" in a very loose definition of that term, hate me... nothing I say will affect that. Hate my friends who are gay, black, muslim, transgender, whatever... their pleas for equality and tolerance only seem to make you hate them more anyway. I'm a white male, is that last statement somewhat coming from a place of privlage? Yes, it is... but I don't know what the fuck to do about it that makes one bit of fucking difference. Seriously... do nothing, and this shit seems to get worse... do something and it seems to get worse even faster....

Saturday, August 19, 2017

To the people laughing at McDonald's employees wanting better wages because they think those ordering kiosks are going to replace them all: There's usually only 2 people at the counter taking orders...where exactly do you think the food comes from? Fucking magic? Who mops the floors? Who cleans up the bathrooms after your inconsiderate ass made a mess? Who restocks the napkins, cups, and condiments? Who wipes down the tables so you have a clean place to sit down and eat? Who unloads the supply trucks? Who washes the dishes that get used to prep all the food? Who cleans the deep fryers and grills and ovens and other equipment? Who empties the trash cans outside and cleans up the shit in the parking lot that you couldn't even be bothered to PUT in those trash cans. Who counts the money and manages the finances? And this is just off the top of my head. I suspect the people running their mouths the most are the ones that wouldn't last a week working hard in a food service job for a slave wage.

I'm not arguing that a fast food worker is a "skilled" or specialized trade... only that they do work hard and computers can't completely replace their jobs (and that they deserve respect and not to be laughed at due to the presence of ordering kiosks). At the same time lots of other non-skilled work has historically paid a lot more. It comes down to the cost of low prices and corporate structure/philosophy. I try to eat at places and shop at places that I know pay their people a bit better than the other guys. It costs a little bit more, but I can afford it. If all you care about is getting your lunch the absolutely cheapest it can be...quality and worker well-being be damned...then I guess we don't have anything to talk about. It's a free country and you can spend your money how you want.

Friday, July 28, 2017

Yeah, the political and social left can get a little nutso sometimes, and there's always going to be people on the fringe. However, what winds up being the mainstream "left" views tend to be pretty self-correcting when it gets too nutso. To be honest though I try to avoid using "liberal" or "left" labels myself. This is a contrast from the mainstream right that in the last few decades has just seemed to veer so much into Toontown that what's considered "conservative" these days makes absolutely no sense when applying any reasonable definition of the word. They've wound up defining it as someone who looks like Trump, "The Mooch", or Steve Bannon.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

I hope that all this stuff that dudes in their 20's and 30's scream about on the internet regarding it being "PC sjw pandering" to cast someone in a role who isn't a white male stays on the internet like pee in a swimming pool. That way, in another 30 years when society is a bit more enlightened, their mixed-ethnicity granddaughters can google them, or look them up on wayback and see what misogynistic/racist assholes they are.

Thursday, June 15, 2017

I like how Trump's way of trying to convince me that there are too many unnecessary regulatory barriers to infrastructure improvement is by quickly flipping through the big binders of said regulations, making a disgusted face, and tossing them on the floor. That's it? That's your argument? :::flip flip flip::: "pfffft" :::SLAM!::: Was I supposed to have seen what was in them while you were flipping? You sorta went too fast. Yes Donald, we already know that YOU don't like to read anything that's more than 240 characters long at a time. The rest of us, however... may find reason why those regulations were put there.

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Liberals and College Kids Aren't Tolerant of Intolerance. Good.

Good for the college students running people like that Milo jackass out of town in spite of those on the right and left criticising them for it. Good for those students walking out on Pence. I'm in favor of allowing reasonable voices to be heard. I'm not in favor of "tolerating" hateful individuals who are specifically preaching hate and intolerance and trying to disguise it as a legit political position, as if they were simply debating the merits of trickle-down economics or something.

Most importantly I believe in those people's rights to try to spread their hateful messages. But I also believe in everyone else's right to shut them down whenever and wherever possible. Freedom of speech isn't open mic night down at the Laff-Shack. You're not guaranteed a mic, or a podium, or an audience, and no, it ISN'T always beneficial to give those people those things (people with alt-right/neo nazi leanings), any more than it would be beneficial to give an audience to someone preaching the merits of sex with children (Milo Yiannopoulos fitting into both categories, now that I think about it).

I'm obligated to "tolerate" things in which people have no control over (the color of their skin, their sexual orientation, ethnic heritage...etc), or things in which they do as free adults that don't have any effect on others (the music they listen to, the religion they practice to the extent they keep it to themselves and their religious peers)... Things I'm not obligated to tolerate: YOUR EXACT OPPOSITION TO THE TOLERANCE OF EVERYTHING I JUST LISTED.

When people take this's like they don't think anyone notices the little jedi mind trick they're trying to pull. Do you think I'm confused? Do you think I honestly believe that my position is somehow contradictory or hypocritical? It isn't. Nope, I'm not having it.