Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Here's list of freeware applications I found (noolmusic.com). I think everyone's sure to find something useful.

Open Office - Free Office Suite (My contribution to the list)
Filseclab Free Firewall Software
Claimwin.com - Free Antivirus For Windows
AdAware - free spyware removal
Adblock for Mozilla
Amaya - Free HTML Editor
AnalogX Autotuner - Tune your samples in batches effectively, a ton of other stuff as well
AnalogX DXMan - manage ur DX plugins - uninstall
Andyware.com - Audio Toy and Analog Box
Anonymouse Filesharing
ASIO2KS - Generic ASIO driver for WDM soundcards.
Arachnophilia - Freeware HTML editor
Audacity Wave Editor - also open source
AVG Anti Virus Software
Babelfish - free online site translations
Bome's Mouse Keyboard - Use this program to control your midi devices without having a real keyboard
Boy Scout - PC Windows softwaresynth that emulates the GameBoy Advance sound chip
BugMeNot - Bypass Compulsory Logins
Burnatonce.com - Great Freeware CD Burning Utility
Buzzmachines.com - The BEST freeware audio suite - modular sequencer, modular synthesizer and/or tracker ever !
CCleaner - system optimization and privacy tool
Coagula - image synth
Cyclonix - now free
Daemon-Tools - mount those cd images with ease
Delta SP - Synth, Sampler, Sequencer and Wave Editor in one program
DJ Mixing Software - Big listing
DVD Shrink
Email Spam Filter - k9
Email Spam Filter - Magic Mail Monitor 3
Email Spam Filter - SpamBayes
Email Spam Filter - SpamFighter
Email Spam Filter - Spamihilator
Email Spam Filter - SpamPal
Folders Wont Open in Same Window on WinXP
Foobar - nice media player like winamp
Free Documentation for Coders
Free MIDI DIY Projects
Freeware Beat Mixing Apps
Freeware Music Applications
FruityLoops MsgBoard VST Links - Many
FTP Client
Generate a File Listing from a Windows Explorer Context Menu
Grouper - share files privately
Hijack This - Programs Developed by Merijn
How To Remove Spyware
How to recover from a corrupted registry that prevents Windows XP from starting
Hypography - Science News
Jazz++ - midi seq for pc and linux
Joachim Freeware Vumeter.exe
KVRaudio.com - great VST site, information, downloads
Lame - free hi quality mp3 encoder
Media Player Classic
Microsoft PowerToys addons for Windows XP
MidiOx - great all-purpose MIDI Utility! - also check out midiyoke drivers
Mozilla FireFox Browser
Mozilla thunderbird - e-mail and newsgroup client
Mp3 Bookhelper - Manage and edit those mp3 id3 titles with ease
MusicBrainz - automatically look up tracks + write metadatatags (ID3 or Vorbis)
Noolmusic.com - Freeware Application Rundown 2006
Official kX Project Site
OGG Encoder - download oggenc.exe from vorbis.com
OpenOffice.org - Down with Microsoft Office
PAPS Direct X
Pearl Dreamkit
Real Alternative - play real audio files in a different way
Registry Edits for WinXP - Tweaks and Tips
Scala - experimentation with musical tunings - freeware prog
SciTE - free sourcode editor for win32 and X
Forty Six Best Ever Freebies - GREAT article by Gizmo
Skype - Free Internet Telephone Service
Slick Deals on Hardware
SoundFont Tools - SF2Comp is a SoundFont compiler/decompiler program
Speed Up webpage loading with firefox
SpyBot Search & Destroy - Great adware
Syntedit - make your own vst plugins
SysInternals Freeware Appz - several improvements on existing microsoft windows utilities and great new useful stuff! - including FileMon, DebugView, Handle, List Dlls, Regmon
Torrent - MuTorrent - fast easy to use client
Torrent - BitComet - fast easy to use
Torrent - Official bittorent client
TrendMicro - Free Online Virus Scanner
TWE - cool editor for making looppoints and crossfades
VB Audio DxUninstaller - Manage dx plugins
WaveKnife - Audio/CDDA Sample CD Editor
Webspace - Free Website Hosting
Winamp VUmeter
Windows sp3
Xine - Free multimedia player - cd, dvd, vcd, avi, mov, wmv, mp3
Yahoo Widgets
You Send it - Send over 1gb anonymously
Zealey Software - File Inventory and Loop Horse - file management apps
Zone Alarm - Free FireWall Protection
I'm having one ofthese days where I just want to jump up and kick myself in the face because nothing is going right. I'm updating my resume for the second time in as many weeks and I don't know exactly what Joe expects me to add to it. I keep changing around the track I'm working on and every time I do I think it sounds even worse. I've got these goddamn razor bumps on my neck that itch now for some reason. I've got some kind of fungal throat infection I think because for the past 4 days I've had what can only be described as "rot mouth". I want to use my digital camera but I keep forgetting to charge the batteries.

Sunday, September 24, 2006


*Update* I've made some modifications, going to continue to do so and keep the blog this sort of theme.

I came home last night to find the source css file for my blog missing, so I had to get a temporary template for now. This crude looking thing is only temporary.

Iraq war spawned terrorism, radicals: U.S. report

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The
Iraq war gave birth to a new generation of Islamic radicals and the terrorist threat has grown since the September 11 attacks, according to a U.S. intelligence report cited in The New York Times on Saturday.

A National Intelligence Estimate completed in April says Islamic radicalism has mushroomed worldwide and cites the Iraq war as a reason for the spread of jihad ideology, the newspaper reported.

"The estimate concludes that the radical Islamic movement has expanded from a core of Qaeda operatives and affiliated groups to include a new class of 'self-generating' cells inspired by al Qaeda's leadership but without any direct connection to
Osama bin Laden or his top lieutenants," the newspaper said.

The Times cited more than a dozen U.S. government officials and outside experts with knowledge of the classified document.

It is the first formal appraisal of global terrorism by U.S. intelligence agencies since the war began in March 2003 and represents a consensus view of the 16 U.S. spy services.

"According to reports, this intelligence document should put the final nail in the coffin for
President Bush's phony argument about the Iraq war," Democratic Sen. Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts said.

"... The fact that we need a new direction in Iraq to really win the war on terror and make Americans safer could not be clearer or more urgent -- yet this administration stubbornly clings to a failed 'stay-the-course' strategy."

Some of the estimate's conclusions confirm predictions in a January 2003 National Intelligence Council report that said a war in Iraq might increase support for political Islam worldwide, according to the newspaper.

"It also examines how the Internet has helped spread jihadist ideology, and how cyberspace has become a haven for terrorist operatives who no longer have geographical refuges in countries like
Afghanistan," the Times said.

The National Intelligence Council, the main strategic think tank for the U.S. intelligence community, is in the early stages of preparing a new national estimate on Iraq in response to requests from leading Senate Democrats, including Sen. Edward Kennedy (news, bio, voting record) of Massachusetts, intelligence officials said.

(Additional reporting by David Morgan in Washington)

Saturday, September 23, 2006

Who's Side are You On? (Civil War Spoilers)

At first, I was sceptical and under-enthused by Marvel's "Civil War" cross-over mini-series, but like with any good story, the further in you go, the higher the stakes, and the darker the prospects. For those unfamiliar, "Civil War" goes a little something like this: TV reality show superheroes The New Warriors pick a fight with a super villian (Nitro) way out of their league and end up getting themselves killed. That wouldn't have been so bad hadn't Nitro taken out half of a town and a school full of 300 elementary school kids with them. This causes a national uproar and soon a Superhero registration act is passed requiring all super-powered people to register with the govornment, give up their secret identities and work for the "man". Needless to say many aren't happy with this, but many in the superpowered community, like Iron Man, think it's long over-due. Unfortunatly, his long-term coleague Captain America disagrees and the battle lines are drawn. Spider-Man, in an cue from Tony stark in an attempt to "set the right example" unmasks himself to the media for the first time. The governemnt backed heroes led by Iron Man (and joined by Spider-Man, amoung others) start to hunt down the rebel heroes led by Cap (Unofficially called the "Secret Avengers")

Whats crazy about this mini-series is how long-standing friendships and alliances are being shattered and relationships redefined. For example, Sue Richards leaves Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four after he becomes obsessed with the hero hunting and she joins the Secret Avengers. Spider-Man's life long admiration of Captain America is thrown a curve when he's forced to fight him or be persecuted himself. Iron Man's (Tony Stark) involvement is perhaps the most fascinating. Events unravel that show the depths of Starks distrust and cynicism over the years. The govornment is now employing super-powered criminals to hunt down the rogue heroes. It's like all these years you've been presented with a certain world (ala the Marvel Universe) and now that world has been thrown into a surreal nightmare.

I think in the end, spider-man is going to be the focal force that brings the story to it's conclusion. He started out only somewhat hesitant of the Act, but in issue #4, after a former Avenger is killed by a maniacal Thor, he says "Is anyone starting to wonder if we picked the right side?"

I thought Marvel was going to bomb in their attempt to out-crisis DC's "Infinate Crisis", but I must say, I've become much more excited about each subsequent chapter of "Civil War". There's something great to be said about the ability to even be able to mount stories this large. The only reason DC and Marvel can do these hugely exciting and complex stories are because of decades upon decades of story and character developement. And while it's silly to suggest such a notion, they succesfully make it seem as though everything that has happened with every character and every book for the last 60 years has all merely been leading up to this one catastrophic story (Infinate Crisis-DC, Civil War-Marvel).

If you're not a comic book reader but you're curious about this mini, wait till the start of 07 They'll have a nice one volume collected edition of the series you can read in one sitting for a fair price (usually 10 to 15 bucks, for what amounts to the collection of the 7 comics with cover prices of 3 bucks each...do the math.)

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

The highly respected James Cromwell will recur this season as Phillip Bauer, the estranged father of Jack Bauer (Sutherland), while British actor/comedian Eddie Izzard will portray a villainous accomplice, Darren McCarthy. In addition to Cromwell and Izzard, newcomers joining the pulse-pounding thriller include Kal Penn ("Harold & Kumar"), Marisol Nichols ("In Justice"), Alexander Siddig ("Syriana") and Harry Lennix ("Commander in Chief"). Eric Balfour and Carlo Rota will reprise their respective roles as CTU contractors Milo Pressman and Morris O'Brian.

Season five concluded with a battered and bloodied Bauer captured by Chinese government agents and headed for points unknown. Season six picks up 20 months later. Wayne Palmer (DB Woodside), the strong-minded brother of the late President David Palmer, is now himself the President of the United States, while his sister, Sandra Palmer (Regina King), is a determined and powerful advocacy lawyer. After a series of horrific terrorist attacks, Palmer and his team of advisors, Karen Hayes (Jayne Atkinson) and Thomas Lennox (Peter MacNicol) as well as CTU colleagues Chloe O'Brian (Mary Lynn Rajskub), Curtis Manning (Roger Cross) and Bill Buchanan (James Morrison) begin an unthinkable, nail-biting day.

Taken from Dark Horizons

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Sunday, September 03, 2006

It drives me crazy when someone refers to the Detroit Electronic Music Festival (Or Detroit Movement) the "Tech Fest". It makes me think of two things; First, I think it sounds like a damn power-tools or PDA expo. Second, I think it sounds like "Tech Vest", which brings back memories of the 9th grade, which was not a good time for me...mostly because of all the tech vests. So, for the hundredth time...all electronic music is not called "Techno" (the most important reason not to call it the tech fest). Techno is a very specific form of electronic music originating in Detroit and is characterized by it's minimal beats (but not always) & rhythms and it's very synthetic sound. Other forms of electronic music featured at the Detroit Movement include: House, Progressive House, Drum&Bass, Electro, Acid Jazz...(the list could go on). Ok, I'm glad I got that off my chest.

In related news, I've upgraded my software and sound patch situation and I'm very eager to work on some new tunes.

Also, we had a yard sale at Ashley's aunts house today. I was amused when a guy said that he doesn't wine and haggle over prices like some women do at garage sales, and when Ashley said to him that she sees some guys do that to, he replied, "What, like retarded ones?". I found the man's casual use of the word "retarded" to be funny. It's just not a word I was expecting to hear right then. Also, I found it funny because that was the best rebuttal he could think of. Of all of the things he could have said to reply to Ashleys comment, the thesaurus in his mind chose "retarded" as the best possible word to use in that situation.