Friday, May 23, 2003

The DEMF is the weekend. They're calling it "movement" from now I guess. I'm meeting the "rhythmic unrest" gang at foran's on saturday. I'm not sure who I really want to see at the festival, I'll probably just wander around like always. Probably spend alot of time at the booth down by the river. Most of the dnb dj's play on Sunday, though I kinda think I need something besides that right now in my life. It's getting droning.boom-chat boomchat boom-chat boomchat boom-chat boomchat boom-chat boomchat.........

Wednesday, May 21, 2003

I've been playing around with my new synthasizer lately. I've been trying to clean my room to make room for it. It's not that this thing is big, it's that more is just that messy.

Sunday, May 18, 2003

Spent much of today sorting through many of my records. They were all a mess; records in wrong sleeves, no sleeves, out of order, etc. I'm trying to compile a bunch for a mix but I'm having trouble deciding which ones to use. I've got half a mind just to wing it and not plan it at all. Things don't seem to go well when I don't plan them though. I'm pretty sure "winging" it is why I slid through highschool, and stuggled in college (for the time that I went). Winging it is probably why my releationships don't work. I'll come back to that thought in a second. So now my records are organized somewhat, I can proceed. I worked on some music a little bit today too, that's coming along nicely. I'm pleased with what I've done so far.

Now, as far as my friend's girlfriends go. They are fucking annoying and should shut their mouths. All I heard from her all night was 1. How she didn't know what she wanted to do, 2. How she hated what my friend and I ultimatly decided to do. Things brings back such horrible memories of a perticular girlfriend I used to have. All she wanted to do was lay around the house all day and bitch about how life sucks and there's nothing to do. The most exciting thing we ever did was walk to the corner store so she could buy cigarettes (she smoked like a chimney, which made her smell bad.) All this being said, am I really ready to meet someone new right now? Dunno, not like I'm under any pressure; except from my mom, who wants a grand duaghter. I told her sure, I'd have it all figured out really soon. My cousin Megan was also being really clingy with her boyfriend tonight; which reminded me how much I don't like that. I don't mind being emotionally attached, it's the physical part that gets me. I don't like being physically hung on, or my lap sat on, or whatever. They were both sitting in one chair :::shutters::::::

In the words of John Cusak in High Fidelity...

who needs a drink...

Saturday, May 17, 2003

I didn't do shit today. I sat around all day, worked on music. Ryan and I were suposed to hit up a bar, but he lost his ID. Oh well, shit happens.

Friday, May 16, 2003

Fairly bored right now. I'm online and there's really nothing to do. Usually there's some issue with the site I need to deal with or some problem I need to fix, but there's nothing tonight. I may just get offline early and read or something.

I did go and see the matrix reloded today. There's alot that could be said about it. First thing I'll say is this; I was slightly disapointed with the "wow" factor of the feel of the movie (probably just because it's a sequel and that already happened with the first an extent), but was impressed on how they expanded the themes of fate, destiny, and choice/freewill. It is also good because now we're deep in the bowels of the story and there's all kinds of interesting little things going on and all of the principle characters have already been introduced. I'm glad it wasn't just a clone of the first one.

Don't ever eat sour jacks and drink fruit punch. Your teeth will hurt afterwords and you'll want to vomit during.

Check out the scary picture I put up on my pictures page.

Thursday, May 15, 2003

I just bought a record called "Billion Dollar Gravy" by a group (only one guy now, actually) called London Elektricity. I really like this song. On the surface it just kinda seems like another melodic drum&bass record, but it's the subtlties that make it stand out for me. It has a sort of sad, yet uplifting melody. Like, you just got dumped by your girl, you've been crying all night, and then the sun comes up and it's the most beautiful day. A voice singing "Baby, don't you leave me...." in the backround (hard to tell if it's a high register male, or a female singing it, but it doesn't really matter. It just makes me feel good listening to it.

I'm going to see the second Matrix movie tomorrow. Going to try to go early in the day (1pmish), as to avoid the inevidable madness that will ensue. I made that mistake with seeing Xmen 2. I wanted in a line for a half an hour outside the theatre, then still kinda got shitty seats. Not too mention how loud, crowded, and just generally annoying everyone around me was. I had to deal with all the comic book geeks commenting on the film and making remarks as to the inaccuracy of jean greys hair color or other such irrelevancies. I was one of these poeple untill I realized that I was worrying myself with unimportant matters all the time. Now I worry about music, because that's...just somehow more important...I guess.

7-11 Hotdogs are good if you get them around 2:30 in the afternoon.
"Your first name of Trevor has given you an expressive, diplomatic, and refined nature. Although you have a good appreciation of material values, business ability, and skill in organizing and managing others, your success is restricted by a lack of self-confidence and initiative. You have very expensive tastes, and your desires could well exceed your initiative in providing for them through your own efforts. Personal appearance is important to you. You are always well-groomed yourself, and you judge others by your own standard. You do not like to rough it or use much physical energy. Through your diplomatic ways you are able to call on the assistance of others to avoid such matters. You have good business judgment but lack the confidence to carry out your own ideas unless assisted by an associate. From a desire to eat too many rich foods, your health could suffer through kidney and generative troubles or any problems affecting the fluid functions of the body. "

Wednesday, May 14, 2003

Went to see Two Towers again tonight at the buck 50 theatre.The popcorn and pop cost 5 times what the movie ticket did. I never tire of seeing movies I like again and again. I'm kind of a nerd when it comes to that stuff. Some woman asked me and joe if we beleived in vampires after the movie in the lobby, I made a break for it and acted like there was an emergancy so joe would have an excuse to leave.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003

I had a nightmare last night. I took at a job at farmer jack with my mom being a cashier. It was something that was more than easy to handle, only problem was I couldn't look at the computer screen at the stuff I was ringing up. The problem was that the sun was coming in the store windows behind me and it was glaring off the screen. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't read the screen and I was getting really upset and frustrated. It seems like that's the problem with alot of things I have trouble doing; The task is simple enough in and of itself, but some minor thing makes it 10 times more difficult for me. My job in the deep cold would have been alot easier if not for several things really: 1. my left shoe always coming untied, it was always the left one 2. The snot running down my nose 3. Equipment working properly 4. Supplies being where they should be...the list could go on. I guess there's bound to be annoying obstacles with any job though. That's my ultimate frustration though. I think part of me is insecure about being able to do things so I find reasons why I can't do them.

Monday, May 12, 2003

I think I would like to work on some new music, but I have so much unfinished stuff. Maybe one day I will finish all of those songs, but I doubt it.
I am once again unemployed, my last job was a nightmare. I worked in a cold storage freezer that was -10 degrees. My mussles hurt, my nose ran, and my throat hurt constantly. I don't know what I'm going to do with myself now. I'm kinda back to where I was a year ago, as I have not gotten much done since then. All that I have gotten done as either expired or reverted. That's ok though, I have plans. I shouldn't worry so much, I'm young. I'm still trying to finish a book that I started awhile ago, I'll read it for a week, then put it down for 2, then read it for another week. I get things done, and I do what I set out to do, it just takes me a really long time. This was just sort of a state of affairs BS post. There will be more.
This is my first test posting to what hopefully will be the new page