Wednesday, April 06, 2016

BvS and Nerdrage

Ok. BvS, here it is: Everyone chill the F out, jeez. It's not that serious. Have some tea.
Had no problem with the script (mostly), had no problem with the way the treated Batman and Superman's characters. I don't think that they in anyway desecrated the Superman character or lore. While I I loved the love-letter to the character and the Donner films that Superman Returns was, BvS took the character into places that were not at all strange or unfamiliar to the comics. I feel like the people complaining about what they've done to the character haven't read a single Superman story in their lives and have a very limited view of what the character is. I'm fine with Batman stabbing a few dudes. It's not really a reach for that character to become like that. I liked Benny as Bruce, I liked Gal Gadot as Dianna. Henry is fine as Clark. I thought Doomsday looked good even if he was a little bit of a CGI monstrosity.
What I did have issues with:
-The directing, of course. There was no reason for the entire damn movie to wallow in the mud. Scenes being "dark" become meaningless when EVERYTHING is dark and moody.
-The score was one long violin swell.
-Batman went from "I'm gonna stab you in the face with my krypto-spear to "ok I guess I'll save your mom since her name's Martha, sorry I tried to kill you just now" in 30 seconds.
-So Gotham is a 5 minute helicopter ride away from Metropolis? Alright then, I'll go with it.
-Middle act was a little choppy, but not too bad. I know some people were thrown by that evil-superman/hinting at Darkseid dream sequence/flash forward thing... at least to me though, it wasn't confusing... to the casual viewer though, I'm sure it made no damn sense.
-Lex: Hollywood still seems to think they're obligated to portray him as a goofball on the big screen and I don't know why. Just look to Smallville or Superman TAS, or (gasp) the comics for a good way to handle him.
Overall my complaints are actually minor and I didn't think it was bad. You can do MUCH worse with superhero movies (Punisher, Spawn, Ghost Rider). Am I going to make a point to see it again? Probably not. I think all you internet folk need to chill out with this thing, it IS just a movie after all, and no it didn't somehow dumb down the viewing populace or forever ruin its characters simply because you didn't like this particular version of them.