Friday, June 23, 2006

Superman III

Didn't anyone at Warner Brothers notice how incredibly zany this poster was?

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Save NPR and PBS (again)

Everyone expected House Republicans to give up efforts to kill NPR and PBS after a massive public outcry stopped them last year. But they've just voted to eliminate funding for NPR and PBS—unbelievably, starting with programs like "Sesame Street."

Public broadcasting would lose nearly a quarter of its federal funding this year. Even worse, all funding would be eliminated in two years--threatening one of the last remaining sources of watchdog journalism.

Sign the petition telling Congress to save NPR and PBS again this year:

Last year, millions of us took action to save NPR and PBS, and Congress listened. We can do it again if enough of us sign the petition in time.

This would be the most severe cut in the history of public broadcasting. The Boston Globe reports the cuts "could force the elimination of some popular PBS and NPR programs." NPR's president expects rural public radio stations may be forced to shut down.

The House and Senate are deciding if public broadcasting will survive, and they need to hear from viewers like you. Sign the petition at:


P.S. Read the Boston Globe story on the threat to NPR and PBS at:

And again, here is the message I included with my petetion:

If you are against the proposed cuts, I applaud you in your wisdom. If however, you are in favor of this monumental mistake, I urge you to ponder the following words carefully:

I know conservative leadership has never been a fan of NPR and PBS citing its liberal slant. In light of these new developments I am no longer keeping a tight-lipped, polite stance on the matter. I propose that they do not have a "liberal slant" but an "informed slant"; an "educated slant". I have my personal theories, however I don't have the time or energy to study the conservative mindset to understand why being educated is being demonized in modern America. I don't have the energy for that, but I do have the time and energy to do everything in my meager power to fight for, and spread the word about this issue.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Black plague

Here I am on my 4th official day of being sick. Day 1, Friday...Realized I was sick, Ashley made an appointment for me to see the doctor she works for. He looked at my throat and said "Wow, this looks horrible". He gave me some antibiotics and told me to take robitussin every 4 hours. No can do, if I take it that often I just want to sleep all the time...So I've been stretching it to 6 hours. Day 2, felt even worse, I had to co-host a computer workshop for Solar Flare, fortunately Joe did most of the talking, I just walked around and gave people one-on-one help. Tried to go into work but I was headed off at the door by my boss who told me she already had my shift covered and to go home. Day 3, I was hoping I was going to feel better, but really didn't, went into work and regretted it. Day 4, today...I'm actually feeling a little bit better, my head doesn't hurt as much and my sore throat is tolerable, so I don't think I'll have such a hard time at work today. Sitting in bed right now doing a little bit of design work on my laptop. Have to be at the Hut at 5. We'll see how that goes.