Sunday, September 04, 2016

So, this is my life. And bear in mind similar situations seem to happen frequently. Also, it may come across as humblebraggy, but I promise that's not what I'm going for.
I'm downtown today...just making an effort to get out of the house on a nice day, plus there was a small music fest thing going on on main street. Stopped at a few places, among them a record store, and I bought a few records. After that I go into the Pretzel Bell (restaurant/bar) on main st for lunch and go downstairs to the bar. I set the bag of records on the bar and I order a salad and water, later I decide on a beer. An attractive blonde, late 20's sits down a few chairs over. She asks me what's in the bag, I say "records" as if that wasn't already clear from the store logo on the bag. She asks like what? I say "Ooh, just various stuff". The conversation pretty much ends there. I then realize that oh, right, she was giving me an opening to talk to her...I should have at least taken the records out of the bag and talked about what I bought. Ok, well, I miss queues like that...moving on. My salad comes, I eat it. At some point later her male friend comes and sits down on the other side of her, not a boyfriend...he's talking about someone else he's trying to get with. During the conversation he shouts to me "hey bro!" and asks me my opinion on something, (which I won't detail was a "dude" question). I look over and answer him and chat with him about it for a few minutes. The girl then exclaims "WOW, I've been trying to talk to you for 40 minutes... I asked you about your records, your salad, your hat and you wouldn't talk to me, but you answered right away when he talked to you."
A couple things. She wasn't *really* being snotty about it, just sort of saying it in a joking manner. Secondly she wasn't my "type". Not that I look for a certain type, but this was an extremely outgoing, talkative person... Nothing about her, aside from her outward attractiveness really interested me (basing this on her conversation with her friend, personality). Anyway, what I'm saying is I'm not really kicking myself in that regard. The point is, while I heard the question about the records, I was in my head daydreaming SO much that I didn't even hear her or acknowledge her when she asked about my food or my hat. A person sitting right next to me. I think I only paid attention to the guy because he sort of shouted to get my attention. They left shortly after that.
I wasn't going to take her home with me, date her, ask for her number...any of that. Hell, she had a few drinks and was probably just feeling social (did I mention she seemed to love talking). However I left the place feeling like a huge asshole because I couldn't even muster up the social prowess to just be nice to someone at a bar. This is why developing and maintaining relationships is so difficult for me (and aspies in general, while we're on the topic). I JUST DON'T GET IT. And it's as simple as that. I only "get it" later on when I think about the situation.
Shortly after that I walked out of the place, down Liberty st and saw those 2 again in an alleyway goofing off, laughing, taking pictures or something. I thought "yep, that's not my life".
The guy's name was Trevor as well.