Saturday, March 19, 2005


Moments ago, I took a sip of water from a glass that had been sitting out for days. I immediatly regretted that decision. A wave of nausia swept through me as I gulped the water down. The taste was comparable to how you might think toilet water tastes. I drank toilet water. I am now drinking a can of Hawaiin Punch in an attempt of offset the toilet water. It's the light stuff. I immediatly regret this desicion. It tastes like some kid left his cherry flavored lolly pop sitting in that glass of toilet water for a few days. The nausia I am now experiancing is unspeakable.

I bought this band's cd "Kasabian". I bought it because of a song that I heard in the store that I liked. What a foolish person I am. I suppose the CD isn't bad, but I can't copy the fucker on my ipod because it's got copy protection on it. Although, it's Sunn copy protection, so it's easy enough to bypass. The CD is like that group Tin Star that was out several years ago, mixed with a modern rocky thing. If anyone's reading this is seriously considering buying it, it's not really worth your time. Other recent music; Daft Punk's latest "Human After All" is good, but not up to par with "Discovery" or "Homework". It seems like they just threw a bunch of songs on a disc that they did in a weekend or something. What really bothers me about the album is how 3/4ths of the songs' titles represent a voceded hook that's looped in the song (human after all, primetime of your life, robot rock...etc). I'll admit I've never been a fan of (and had barely heard of) Bright Eyes untill their latest dual release, "I'm awake, It's Morning" and "Digital Ash in a Digital Urn". "I'm awake" is more of a folksy-twangy-acoustic thing, and "Digital" is more of a pop-rock-postal-service-type thing. Both are absolutely great in my opinion, but I'm awake wins by a hair. I'm just glad to hear someone who knows how to write lyrics for a change. If I hear another "Brain-Insane" or "Came-Same" rhyme I'm gonna puke.

I'm still drinking the god-awful Hawaiin Punch. Samantha begged for some in car. I was instructed to give it to her by her mother. 7 minutes later the entire can was emptied into the fabric of the car. Now while I'm the last person to be talking about spilling beverages in a car, as there's probably 18 gallons worth of pepsi soaked into the seats and carpet of my car, sticky babies make me nervous. When sean has got food on his face I don't see it as food, to me it's like some deathly contageous fungus. And the stickyness, I can't concentrate on anything if my hands end up sticky. When I wash dishes at work I wash my hands off every 3 mintues. They probably spend more money on hand-soap for me than they do on my paycheck. I get another paycheck on monday. I'm gonna take it straight to the store and buy booze. Ok, so I probably won't buy any booze. I actually like the feeling of not having to worry about my bills.

I just got up from a nap before writing this. You'd think I'd feel way more tired, but I don't. I slept for 4 hours last night, and maybe 2 just now. Ashley went somewhere to study I think. I wonder where she went, she didn't say. I'm all alone in the house. Sometimes when her and Samantha aren't here I like to shout as loud as I can for no perticular reason. Also, I like to make stupid faces as all of their stuff; as if it's some how going to rub off on those objects. Oh jesus, there's a "secret track" on that Kasabian CD, I thought they stopped doing those 10 years ago.

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