Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Slit Your Wrists

I've been working most of the afternoon on transfering old posts from my livejournal over to this page. I really didn't want there to be ads on my page before, but it would appear as if blogger has removed those, so here I am. Numbers is a good show. I downloaded the pilot episode at Ashleys awhile back, but didn't figure out untill today that I needed a divx player to play this kind of avi file. This also means I can watch the other divx shit I've got. Speaking of TV, I about pissed myself 24 was so good last night. Jack finds the override device, Tony strangles an old woman, Curtis breaks two guys' necks, and Miya slits her wrists. Now that's some good TV.

I'm trying to clean my room. I've been slowly trying to transfer some of my books and DVDs over to Ashley's house, but it doesn't seem like it's even making a dent.

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