Thursday, July 13, 2006

Some fight school recording session footage.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Best Buy's store slogan should be "Ask a question, get a stupid answer". I have never asked any question there without getting a question worthy of making me vomit all over the sales person in front of me. Yesterday's conversation went as follows:

Me: "Do you have any IPOD backup batteries?"
Ditzy salesgirl: "Ummm, they don't make those, you can't replace the batteries"
Me: "No, I'm talking about a battery pack that plugs into the bottom, several companies make them"
DS: "Oh, do you have a nano, a mini, or a shuffle"
Me: "I have a regular full sized generation 3 model, 40 gig"
DS: "Yeah, but is it like a nano or a mini?"
Me: "No, it's like one of the white ones...the regular ipod models"
DS: "Oh, so it's one of the shuffles, or the video things...."
Me: "Nevermind"

This girl worked in the section of the store that only sold mp3 players and moble phones. That's it. They didn't have refrigerators or notebook computers and mp3 players were just a limited thing in their department on the endcap.

Also, a few more things for today:

Why the fuck would you need to haul all of that shit in the back of your pickup truck unless your name was Red Fox?

And finally:

You're a fucking moron if you buy this. It's got a bucket handle on it.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Sept 12th I thnk, too long...