Thursday, May 26, 2016

Ghostbusters, Frozen, and the strange entitlement of fan culture

Article link: GhostbustersFrozen, and the strange entitlement of fan culture (Via AV CLUB)

This, and btw I still think you're full of shit if you suggest the fact they chose an all female cast wasn't the catalyst for this inferno of nerd-rage. Throwing internet fits over what you saw in a trailer can ONLY mean you're basing your rage on superficial bullshit, rather than the actual content (not the 5 second-at-a-time snippets you've seen). That, and when I read comments on trailers or articles it's a bunch of people whining about the casting...but when it's "official" suddenly it's this high-horse argument about betraying the original blah blah blah.... you're full of shit. any other movie that has yet to be released will either be good or bad and there's little sense in trashing it before anyone has seen the damn thing.
I'm ok with "eh, that trailer wasn't funny/entertaining... I'm probably not going to see this movie."

Here's another chunk of my social media rant on the topic:

His fanbase wants him to tear it apart (without having seen it) and he refuses to even see it (based on a couple of trailers and a misguided sense of loyalty to a movie) and both crowds feel the need to go out of their way to let anyone that'll listen know they're fully willing to negatively judge this movie, site unseen...because reasons.

This new movie will not ruin anyone's childhood. This new movie will not ruin the original. This new movie may be good. It may be bad. It may be better than the original. The new characters may or may not reflect the same sort spirit the original cast portrayed their characters with. Who knows. I'm just tired of seeing all these social media posts and videos treat this reboot as some sort of crime against the fandom of the original. No matter how much importance anyone tries to heap upon the 84 original, I think it's unfair to the people who spent 2 years or more of their lives making this thing to shit on it before anyone's seen it. See it, don't see it. Doesn't matter, the world will go on.

I have no intention of seeing the new TMNT movie, Now You See Me 2, The Conjuring 2... some animated movie called "Quackerz" the Warcraft Movie... and a whole host of other things on the Rottentomatoes 'coming soon' page. Some of these based on trailers, some based on the concept, some based on the movie poster. I also have no intention of spamming the internet with outrage and list my many reasons for not wanting to see these things based on what my perceived flaws of them are. Because I'm not a child. Like most of the internet is.

"Hmm... I don't really like who they've got in the main roles. I don't think I'm gonna see this movie." <--That should have been the end of it for everyone.


Monday, May 09, 2016


This is interesting, especially in light of my comment yesterday about not wanting to be lumped in with a certain kind of atheist stereotype and also what it says about autistics. I think one of my biggest fears about having a set of philosophies and worldviews that don't conform to a particular mold or political party is that if I say one thing, people assume it means that I also believe a bunch of other stuff too. People love to think in stereotypes, it's easier that way. By the way I'm not overweight, I do not live in my mother's basement, I have a job, and I have been known to date on occasion (I was even married at one point). I'm also an atheist with a form of autism who is very much a loner. I am not defending misogynists here, rather agreeing that they don't fit into some mold or stereotype. Hateful assholes come from all walks of life.