Saturday, June 28, 2008

Berkeley protesters spend 18 months atop trees

Check out this article, here are a few of my favorite lines.

"Protesters howled, flung excrement and shook tree branches as campus-hired arborists cut supply lines and removed gear."

"Campus officials ended up giving up the water without concessions; protesters declined to yield their urine.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Bill Engvall Show = Bad Bad Bad

Let me first say that I don't mind Bill Engvall the stand-up comedian. I saw what amounted to half of an episode of the Bill Engvall Show the other night and can say without any hesitation that it is by far the worst sitcom ever to make it on to television. The unfunnyness (it's a word, just don't try to look it up) is perfectly demonstrated in one of the commercials they show on TBS in which one of Bill's friends say "My ex-wife is a magician, she made all my money disappear". I suppose this might seem funny if you were six years old and mentally damaged. The entire segment of the show that I saw was filled with these poorly written, poorly executed, poorly timed one-liners that seem to draw on every possible cliche they can think of. To add insult to injury, Bill Engvall himself will interrupt Family Guy reruns on TBS to advertise his garbage show.

Quit laughing at your own jokes Bill, they're not funny.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Future Pinball

My latest free video game addiction has been Future Pinball. It's a platform for creating your own original tables. I don't create em myself, but I enjoy playing the 100's of free tables out there. Some are originals, and some are recreations of real-world pinball machines. Here's War of the Worlds:

Download it at . Just a warning, it's got steep system requirements.