Thursday, March 09, 2006

R.I.P. Edgar Stiles

That's right, the beloved Edgar Stiles has perished in a nerve gas attack on CTU. This was perhaps the most shocking episode of the season so far. With 24, you know people are gonna die, but every time it happens it still seems to be surprise. The writers seem to wait until you're used to a character being there and aren't paying too close attention to them. So the latest on the show is this: The terrorists acquired Lynn Mcgill's keycard to CTU, broke in and released nerve gas into the ventilation system. Many of the CTU staff died, but a handful, including Jack, Audrey, Chloe, Bill and others managed to seal themselves into a conference room. Martha Logan has forgiven the President for being such a spineless weasel, and we still don't know what deep dark secret about the conspiracy Christopher Henderson is hiding. I think Jack's losing it a little bit. He shot Henderson's wife in the leg in episode 11 to get him to talk; it didn't work. Also, Kim Baur is back in all her whiny glory.

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