Friday, March 24, 2006

By DetNews

Detroit - Paxahau Promotions Group today announced they have been chosen by the City of Detroit to be the producers of this year’s Electronic Music Festival on Memorial Day Weekend, May 27-29.

“We are sincerely honored that the City has selected someone within the electronic community to produce this event - we have worked extremely hard to establish ourselves as a globally respected organization, specifically to bring this event the cultural attention it deserves”, said Jason Huvaere, owner of Paxahau.

“Paxahau presented a sound plan to stabilize and grow the event,” said Lucius A. Vassar, the City of Detroit’s Chief Administrative Officer. “We want to see this event flourish and continue to draw people from all over the world to Detroit.”

Since 1998 Paxahau has produced Electronic events in Detroit. In that time they have grown to include a record label, booking agency, web-archive and event production company which hosts an average of 20 events a year in the city.

The festival producers have also been endorsed by previous festival directors, Carl Craig, Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson.

“As the festival’s 2003 and 2004 producers, we are pleased to see that Paxahau will be taking on the event,” said electronic music pioneer Derrick May. “Jason Huvaere and his group are not only competent event managers, but they are of the electronic music industry. I am confident that in their hands, the event’s integrity as the world’s signature electronic music festival will be preserved, and its operations and management strengthened. “

In an effort to maintain a globally recognized, positive brand image for Detroit, Paxahau will retain the name “Movement, Detroit’s Electronic Music Festival.”

With a network of alliances and resources that span the globe, the Paxahau team has emerged as a premier promotions group within the electronic music industry. They plan on growing the festival into a cultural attraction that celebrates not only to sonic art forms associated with Electronic Music, but also the visual arts culture that has evolved from its influences as well.

“We see the festival as an opportunity to bring Detroit’s influence all over the world home and nourish one of Detroit’s primary opportunities for tourism and development,” said Huvaere.

Specific details regarding the festival will be released at a later date. Please visit to find the latest news as it develops.

For now Detroit and the world needs to start getting ready for a 3-day party at the end of May. Detroit’s electronic music festival will go on.

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