Tuesday, March 14, 2006

The Body Count Rises

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24 Update - Day 5 epispde 13

Tony Almeida makes 2 major characters taken out in as many hours. Tony was killed by a posom-playing Christopher Henderson right as Tony was about to exact his revenge for his wife who was killed less than 13 hours earlier. Great last lines, "I lost her*".

The Fox 24 forums are all abuzz with people saying "I'll never watch the show again!", "This is bullshit!" and "...totally jumped the shark". People pull that 'jumped the shark' bit at least 4 times every season. As someone put it so well, "The phrase 'jumped the shark' has jumped the shark". 24 is very much a tragedy, and you can't have tragedy without death. More importantly, it's not tragic unless someone important dies. Plenty of CTU redsuits get killed, but who gives a damn. No one gave a damn when an extra on Star-Trek got vaporized. I think the writers probably did the right thing. The personal stakes needed to be raised for the surviving core characters. I hope Henderson survives this season, it'd be cool to have him pop up in later seasons kinda like how Nina Myers used to (before jack shot her in the face in season 3).


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