Sunday, May 18, 2003

Spent much of today sorting through many of my records. They were all a mess; records in wrong sleeves, no sleeves, out of order, etc. I'm trying to compile a bunch for a mix but I'm having trouble deciding which ones to use. I've got half a mind just to wing it and not plan it at all. Things don't seem to go well when I don't plan them though. I'm pretty sure "winging" it is why I slid through highschool, and stuggled in college (for the time that I went). Winging it is probably why my releationships don't work. I'll come back to that thought in a second. So now my records are organized somewhat, I can proceed. I worked on some music a little bit today too, that's coming along nicely. I'm pleased with what I've done so far.

Now, as far as my friend's girlfriends go. They are fucking annoying and should shut their mouths. All I heard from her all night was 1. How she didn't know what she wanted to do, 2. How she hated what my friend and I ultimatly decided to do. Things brings back such horrible memories of a perticular girlfriend I used to have. All she wanted to do was lay around the house all day and bitch about how life sucks and there's nothing to do. The most exciting thing we ever did was walk to the corner store so she could buy cigarettes (she smoked like a chimney, which made her smell bad.) All this being said, am I really ready to meet someone new right now? Dunno, not like I'm under any pressure; except from my mom, who wants a grand duaghter. I told her sure, I'd have it all figured out really soon. My cousin Megan was also being really clingy with her boyfriend tonight; which reminded me how much I don't like that. I don't mind being emotionally attached, it's the physical part that gets me. I don't like being physically hung on, or my lap sat on, or whatever. They were both sitting in one chair :::shutters::::::

In the words of John Cusak in High Fidelity...

who needs a drink...

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