Tuesday, May 13, 2003

I had a nightmare last night. I took at a job at farmer jack with my mom being a cashier. It was something that was more than easy to handle, only problem was I couldn't look at the computer screen at the stuff I was ringing up. The problem was that the sun was coming in the store windows behind me and it was glaring off the screen. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't read the screen and I was getting really upset and frustrated. It seems like that's the problem with alot of things I have trouble doing; The task is simple enough in and of itself, but some minor thing makes it 10 times more difficult for me. My job in the deep cold would have been alot easier if not for several things really: 1. my left shoe always coming untied, it was always the left one 2. The snot running down my nose 3. Equipment working properly 4. Supplies being where they should be...the list could go on. I guess there's bound to be annoying obstacles with any job though. That's my ultimate frustration though. I think part of me is insecure about being able to do things so I find reasons why I can't do them.

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