Thursday, May 15, 2003

I just bought a record called "Billion Dollar Gravy" by a group (only one guy now, actually) called London Elektricity. I really like this song. On the surface it just kinda seems like another melodic drum&bass record, but it's the subtlties that make it stand out for me. It has a sort of sad, yet uplifting melody. Like, you just got dumped by your girl, you've been crying all night, and then the sun comes up and it's the most beautiful day. A voice singing "Baby, don't you leave me...." in the backround (hard to tell if it's a high register male, or a female singing it, but it doesn't really matter. It just makes me feel good listening to it.

I'm going to see the second Matrix movie tomorrow. Going to try to go early in the day (1pmish), as to avoid the inevidable madness that will ensue. I made that mistake with seeing Xmen 2. I wanted in a line for a half an hour outside the theatre, then still kinda got shitty seats. Not too mention how loud, crowded, and just generally annoying everyone around me was. I had to deal with all the comic book geeks commenting on the film and making remarks as to the inaccuracy of jean greys hair color or other such irrelevancies. I was one of these poeple untill I realized that I was worrying myself with unimportant matters all the time. Now I worry about music, because that's...just somehow more important...I guess.

7-11 Hotdogs are good if you get them around 2:30 in the afternoon.

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