Friday, May 16, 2003

Fairly bored right now. I'm online and there's really nothing to do. Usually there's some issue with the site I need to deal with or some problem I need to fix, but there's nothing tonight. I may just get offline early and read or something.

I did go and see the matrix reloded today. There's alot that could be said about it. First thing I'll say is this; I was slightly disapointed with the "wow" factor of the feel of the movie (probably just because it's a sequel and that already happened with the first an extent), but was impressed on how they expanded the themes of fate, destiny, and choice/freewill. It is also good because now we're deep in the bowels of the story and there's all kinds of interesting little things going on and all of the principle characters have already been introduced. I'm glad it wasn't just a clone of the first one.

Don't ever eat sour jacks and drink fruit punch. Your teeth will hurt afterwords and you'll want to vomit during.

Check out the scary picture I put up on my pictures page.

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