Saturday, September 24, 2005

Power Ballads

Format Reviewed: iTunes/CD
Genre: Drum & Bass

London Elektricity's new album "Power Ballads" is another step above his previous full length release "Billion Dollar Gravy", which was a step above "Pull the Plug" before that. The opening track "Out of This World" is perhaps the most impressive in the collection. It's a big-room jazz mash-up track with vocals just as fitting. "The Strangest Sectret in the World" is perhaps the strangest song and sounds like it would have fit perfect on Roni Size's "New Forms". "Pussy Galore" is the shortest, but also perhaps the most fun track. And of course this album contains the liquid anthems "Remember the Future" and "Will to Love". The album is available now on iTunes, and will be released domestically on CD from Breakbeat Science Recordings on Oct 11. I'm sure it's also available on vinyl released by LE's own label Hospital Records. Check it on Since I was too lazy to type out the track list, I did a screen shot...


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