Saturday, April 24, 2004

Things that I want to write about keep slipping my mind, so I think I'm just going to write. I saw kill bill vol 2 the other day, and it was amazing. I knew it was going to be different than the first one but it still wasn't what I expected it to be. I can't wait for the DVD release. Apparently there's going to be an extended release of volume 1 that I am looking forward to even though I already bought the regular edition. I'm a sucker for special edition dvds.

I went to the comic book store today and bought some tastey treats to keep me entertained. My interest in comic books as of the last year has been growing. It was on a 3-4 year hiatis. I guess I just remembered what made me love them in the first place. I've sort of been really active with all of my interests as of late. Music, comics, reading, movies; I've been burying myself in all these things. It feels good. It feels good to not just want to sit around the house and sleep.

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