Thursday, April 15, 2004

I keep having reoccuring dreams about highschool. They're not so much about my actual highschool days; they're about me being 22 and going back to high school. Usually I have 6 classes or so and I can't find any of them. I circle the halls all day and can't find any of my classes. The reason that I'm back there is because I flunked or something. (which I didn't) When eventually find one of my classes I sit down and have no idea whats going on because I've misses like a month of class looking for the damn room. I can never get any of the teachers to talk to me. I try to get their attention in the hallways but they ignore me and keep walking, like I'm not even there. At some point I usually realize that I'm dreaming. I wonder what on earth I'm doing back in school. I never have any dreams about being in college, but often my college proffessors will appear in these dreams as high school teachers.

Perhaps I feel I have some kind of unfinished business in high school? Perhaps I resent my old teachers. Perhaps I just always felt like I hadn't been in the class in a month as I never knew what was going on. Perhaps I'm just still incredibly immature.

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