Friday, October 03, 2003

So very bored. Just got off a slow night at work. The site revamp is coming along slowly. Running into many many many bugs that I didn't know existed. School is interesting. 2 of my classes are 3 hours and 45 minutes long once a week. By hour 3 I'm ready to start slittin some wrists. And not nesisarily my own. In marketing we got into an hour discussion on why they put toys in happy meals. People in my class were saying things as if previously it were a big secret that kids like toys and subsequently want happy meals. When I found the meaning of life it was slightly more prfound than that. 2/3 of that class are church going zealots who are persuing marketing or business majors, for some reason them taking an interest in something as shallow as business and marketing doesn't suprise me. You don't see too many zealots in physics classes. I wrote down in a servey for my english class that I keep a journal...somehow I doubt my teacher had this in mind.

My my I'm bitter tonight.

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