Tuesday, October 14, 2003

A series of new DVD reviews:


This moive made me smile. I am unsure why this movie flopped in the theatres (there is a bonus documentary about it's troubled upbringing on the disc). Crispin Glover plays Willard Stiles, a loner with a sick mother and a dead end job at his late father's company. As his depression and madness spirals, he discovers he can control the rats in the basement that his mother wants him to exterminate. Willard now his own army to do his bidding. And whats a good horror film without themes of revenge, mistrust, and betrayal; only in this case it's also the rats getting revenge,and do the betraying.

The movie has a very antiquated feel which makes for a spooky and unsettling atmosphere. Crispen Glover as Willard is simply too perfect.

Matrix Reloaded:

I won't say too much about this, because I'm sure most people have either seen it, or are not interested in it. I think it's better than the original. The story is bigger, the characters are deeper, and the visuals more stunning. There's some nice bonus material: Previews for Revolutions,several 'making of' spots, commercial developemnt etc. I was amazed at the crispness of the dvd transfer.

and now the one I really wanted to talk about...

Scarface (20th anniversary edition)

I had never seen this movie before I bought it. I consulted a few co-workers on it before buying it and assured me it was a classic, and it may be...but...I will outline my likes and dislikes...

-Tony Montana (obviously). I now understand why this was such a popular character. The guy is smart, ruthless, determined, and has got balls of steel.
-The remastering. The movie was made 20 years ago but almost looks like it came out yesterday.
-I get the whole American Dream gone haywire message. It's a good message, but I don't think it was emphasised in the ways it should have been in the movie.

-The sound. Yeah, I understand it's an early 80's movie, but there seems to be too many inconsistancies and fluxuations in the mastering ( and this is the remastered version). Bad choice of music, I would have taken the movie alot more seriously if the soundtrack was scored instead of taking whatever was popular in 83 and shoving it in the backround. It ruins it's timelessness.
-Disturbing. At the same time this is one of my likes. It's very depressing. Anytime a movie shows the ritzy upper class I find it depressing for some reason. Not so much a fault of the movie as it is a personal turn off.
-Manolo (manny). He seemed too pretty-boy-ish and not gangster enough.

In closing, I think Scarface is good, but overrated. Not a personal classic to me. (yet)

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