Friday, March 24, 2017

NEA and the Budget

My sister posted the stuff in the image file originally, but given the posts weren't public I won't link to anyone.

I think it may be important to remember that Trump isn't destroying art (though who knows, maybe he thinks he is)... he's just cutting government funding for it. While I don't like it, and I think spending the money on that sort of thing is a long-term benefit, it's hard to make the case for it being "essential" spending (but why must all federal spending be "essential"? an argument for another day). But yes, I'm much more concerned about the effect of the budget on the elderly and the poor while we pointlessly shift more money into the military, continue to let the ultra-wealthy enjoy pointless tax-breaks, and pointlessly freak out over the debt and deficit over some misplaced "think of the children!" logic.

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