Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Liberals and College Kids Aren't Tolerant of Intolerance. Good.

Good for the college students running people like that Milo jackass out of town in spite of those on the right and left criticising them for it. Good for those students walking out on Pence. I'm in favor of allowing reasonable voices to be heard. I'm not in favor of "tolerating" hateful individuals who are specifically preaching hate and intolerance and trying to disguise it as a legit political position, as if they were simply debating the merits of trickle-down economics or something.

Most importantly I believe in those people's rights to try to spread their hateful messages. But I also believe in everyone else's right to shut them down whenever and wherever possible. Freedom of speech isn't open mic night down at the Laff-Shack. You're not guaranteed a mic, or a podium, or an audience, and no, it ISN'T always beneficial to give those people those things (people with alt-right/neo nazi leanings), any more than it would be beneficial to give an audience to someone preaching the merits of sex with children (Milo Yiannopoulos fitting into both categories, now that I think about it).

I'm obligated to "tolerate" things in which people have no control over (the color of their skin, their sexual orientation, ethnic heritage...etc), or things in which they do as free adults that don't have any effect on others (the music they listen to, the religion they practice to the extent they keep it to themselves and their religious peers)... Things I'm not obligated to tolerate: YOUR EXACT OPPOSITION TO THE TOLERANCE OF EVERYTHING I JUST LISTED.

When people take this's like they don't think anyone notices the little jedi mind trick they're trying to pull. Do you think I'm confused? Do you think I honestly believe that my position is somehow contradictory or hypocritical? It isn't. Nope, I'm not having it.

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