Sunday, September 03, 2006

It drives me crazy when someone refers to the Detroit Electronic Music Festival (Or Detroit Movement) the "Tech Fest". It makes me think of two things; First, I think it sounds like a damn power-tools or PDA expo. Second, I think it sounds like "Tech Vest", which brings back memories of the 9th grade, which was not a good time for me...mostly because of all the tech vests. So, for the hundredth time...all electronic music is not called "Techno" (the most important reason not to call it the tech fest). Techno is a very specific form of electronic music originating in Detroit and is characterized by it's minimal beats (but not always) & rhythms and it's very synthetic sound. Other forms of electronic music featured at the Detroit Movement include: House, Progressive House, Drum&Bass, Electro, Acid Jazz...(the list could go on). Ok, I'm glad I got that off my chest.

In related news, I've upgraded my software and sound patch situation and I'm very eager to work on some new tunes.

Also, we had a yard sale at Ashley's aunts house today. I was amused when a guy said that he doesn't wine and haggle over prices like some women do at garage sales, and when Ashley said to him that she sees some guys do that to, he replied, "What, like retarded ones?". I found the man's casual use of the word "retarded" to be funny. It's just not a word I was expecting to hear right then. Also, I found it funny because that was the best rebuttal he could think of. Of all of the things he could have said to reply to Ashleys comment, the thesaurus in his mind chose "retarded" as the best possible word to use in that situation.


  1. Callie5:23 PM

    Wait...when did you wear a tech vest?? How did I miss THAT?

  2. I didn't. But I was surrounded by them daily.