Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Here's list of freeware applications I found (noolmusic.com). I think everyone's sure to find something useful.

Open Office - Free Office Suite (My contribution to the list)
Filseclab Free Firewall Software
Claimwin.com - Free Antivirus For Windows
AdAware - free spyware removal
Adblock for Mozilla
Amaya - Free HTML Editor
AnalogX Autotuner - Tune your samples in batches effectively, a ton of other stuff as well
AnalogX DXMan - manage ur DX plugins - uninstall
Andyware.com - Audio Toy and Analog Box
Anonymouse Filesharing
ASIO2KS - Generic ASIO driver for WDM soundcards.
Arachnophilia - Freeware HTML editor
Audacity Wave Editor - also open source
AVG Anti Virus Software
Babelfish - free online site translations
Bome's Mouse Keyboard - Use this program to control your midi devices without having a real keyboard
Boy Scout - PC Windows softwaresynth that emulates the GameBoy Advance sound chip
BugMeNot - Bypass Compulsory Logins
Burnatonce.com - Great Freeware CD Burning Utility
Buzzmachines.com - The BEST freeware audio suite - modular sequencer, modular synthesizer and/or tracker ever !
CCleaner - system optimization and privacy tool
Coagula - image synth
Cyclonix - now free
Daemon-Tools - mount those cd images with ease
Delta SP - Synth, Sampler, Sequencer and Wave Editor in one program
DJ Mixing Software - Big listing
DVD Shrink
Email Spam Filter - k9
Email Spam Filter - Magic Mail Monitor 3
Email Spam Filter - SpamBayes
Email Spam Filter - SpamFighter
Email Spam Filter - Spamihilator
Email Spam Filter - SpamPal
Folders Wont Open in Same Window on WinXP
Foobar - nice media player like winamp
Free Documentation for Coders
Free MIDI DIY Projects
Freeware Beat Mixing Apps
Freeware Music Applications
FruityLoops MsgBoard VST Links - Many
FTP Client
Generate a File Listing from a Windows Explorer Context Menu
Grouper - share files privately
Hijack This - Programs Developed by Merijn
How To Remove Spyware
How to recover from a corrupted registry that prevents Windows XP from starting
Hypography - Science News
Jazz++ - midi seq for pc and linux
Joachim Freeware Vumeter.exe
KVRaudio.com - great VST site, information, downloads
Lame - free hi quality mp3 encoder
Media Player Classic
Microsoft PowerToys addons for Windows XP
MidiOx - great all-purpose MIDI Utility! - also check out midiyoke drivers
Mozilla FireFox Browser
Mozilla thunderbird - e-mail and newsgroup client
Mp3 Bookhelper - Manage and edit those mp3 id3 titles with ease
MusicBrainz - automatically look up tracks + write metadatatags (ID3 or Vorbis)
Noolmusic.com - Freeware Application Rundown 2006
Official kX Project Site
OGG Encoder - download oggenc.exe from vorbis.com
OpenOffice.org - Down with Microsoft Office
PAPS Direct X
Pearl Dreamkit
Real Alternative - play real audio files in a different way
Registry Edits for WinXP - Tweaks and Tips
Scala - experimentation with musical tunings - freeware prog
SciTE - free sourcode editor for win32 and X
Forty Six Best Ever Freebies - GREAT article by Gizmo
Skype - Free Internet Telephone Service
Slick Deals on Hardware
SoundFont Tools - SF2Comp is a SoundFont compiler/decompiler program
Speed Up webpage loading with firefox
SpyBot Search & Destroy - Great adware
Syntedit - make your own vst plugins
SysInternals Freeware Appz - several improvements on existing microsoft windows utilities and great new useful stuff! - including FileMon, DebugView, Handle, List Dlls, Regmon
Torrent - MuTorrent - fast easy to use client
Torrent - BitComet - fast easy to use
Torrent - Official bittorent client
TrendMicro - Free Online Virus Scanner
TWE - cool editor for making looppoints and crossfades
VB Audio DxUninstaller - Manage dx plugins
WaveKnife - Audio/CDDA Sample CD Editor
Webspace - Free Website Hosting
Winamp VUmeter
Windows sp3
Xine - Free multimedia player - cd, dvd, vcd, avi, mov, wmv, mp3
Yahoo Widgets
You Send it - Send over 1gb anonymously
Zealey Software - File Inventory and Loop Horse - file management apps
Zone Alarm - Free FireWall Protection

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