Monday, April 11, 2005

Why do things have to be so bloody complicated? How did things get like this? I liked the old days when man was being chased by lions and stuff. At least then your goals were will simple and well understood; stay alive. These days you've got no choice about staying alive or not. You can't just lay down on your couch and wait for a lion to come and eat you. And being a sane person, suicide isn't an option, nor a want. So here I am, modern man, stuck here, having to figure out what to do for the next 70 years. How did it get like this. How did we get cars and burritos and wal-mart stores. How did we get to worry so much about our teeth and our facial hair. I love Ashley, and we've been talking about marrige; That's my current long-term goal. She wants me to have goals based on jobs. I hate jobs, I hate working, I hate having to try to prove my worth by making money. I'll do it to support myself, but the fuck if I ever want to take a job seriously. If I could get paid for my interests that would be great, but not very many people are really getting rich off of making drum&bass music these days. Which, by the way has been on hold lately because I'm in residential limbo. I'm not really living at my old house, and I'm not really living in Ashley's house untill I can get things straightened out with her parents. All my stuff right now is scattered between these two places. Days like today I just want to sleep and forget it all.

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