Friday, April 01, 2005

Audry, We Just Don't Know

Havn't had a chance to write lately, the blogger site has been slow as hell. It would appear that the site is back to normal, but who knows for how long.

Danny Howells' "Global Underground # 27: Miami" double mix set is flippin sweet. I also got Hernan Cataneo's "Renesaince: Vol.2" double mix set, which is also very good if you're into minimal progressive stuff. I've been leaning away from making drum&bass lately, been doing more housey-techno-ie stuff. Though I havn't had time to work on it, I've been at Ashley's most of the time. Still in the process of moving stuff over here. We're not gonna do the computer and stuff for another few weeks; I think Callie said she was gonna help me on the 11th. Going to be an adjustment. I'm pretty well adjusted already, but still, It'll be different living with someone all the time. Better put, it'll be different living with someone and a 3 year old all the time. I act like I'm 3 most of the time so it shouldn't be a problem.

Next week's 24 is said to be a jaw-dropper, but I already think I know what's going to happen. That's why you shouldn't read message boards about shows you like or movies you want to see. It's tempting cause you like reading useless nonsense about the show, but now it's gonna be as much of a shocker to me...I don't think. Could be the person on the message board was completely wrong about whats going to happen. It's been know to happen before. One of the producers said sometimes they post fake spoilers up just to throw people off. In any event, this is one of the only times they're going to repeat the show. They said that it's such an important show that they're going to show it 3 times this week. I've already downloaded last weeks show and watched it 3 times. I think may favorite of this season is episodes 12 and 13 so far. 14 was good too, 15 (this week's) moved kinda slow, but I guess just cause they're setting up for the big one next week. Dude highjacked a stealth bomber and he's heading for a "target" that has a very small window of opportunity. If the spoiler was right, I know what he's going for, and if you're reading this and don't know yet, trust me, don't ruin for yourself, wait untill monday. This season got of to a rocky start, but since episode 11 it's been moving along nicely. Can't wait till December when the season 4 box set comes out. It's cool waiting a week for each episode, but it's also fun eating junk food and watching 6 episodes in a row. If you're not watching this series, or at least if you havn't seen it, you sir, are a fool.

The weather has at last warmed up. We've had like 4 nice days in a row now. I'm slightly less lathargic this week. I actually got outside and planet sunflower seeds. I also had to pretend that earthworms didn't grose me out cause Samantha wanted me to dig some up for her. I think Ashley is planting some stuff too. She said something about a rose bush; I think that might be from last year. She wants Pine Trees in the yard. I'm not sure how I feel about pine trees. They're so tall and strange looking. I always think they have eyes and they're looking at me. And they smell; for most people that's a good thing, but I find the odor to be intrusive to my nostrils. How can I sit outside and relax when I've got shit that reminds of car air freshiners all up in my nose. Oh well.

Also on the moving front, I found a fabulous desk that I want. Normally I could give a poo about furnature, but I kinda want to make a fresh start with everything. I was thinking about putting some of my old posters up in the basement, but now I'm think I don't want to do that. I need new, I need fresh. I don't want my spaces in the house just to be bad reflections of my old house.

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