Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I have sort of a dental problem right now. I have a rotted tooth that's bothering more by the day, and whats worse, there's a sore on my toungue. I pretty much can't eat anything without being in total pain. My toungue is worse than the tooth. The tooth is more just an annoyance, for some reason like half of the fucker is gone but it doesn't hurt to touch it or anything. I brush my teeth 3 times a day, I don't understand it really. Bad teeth are a part of life I guess.

My summer dream is creeping up. Getting warmer by the day. Days are lasting longer as well. My daytimes and nighttimes are syncronizing better. I say "summer dream" because I remember my summers like I remember my dreams. They seam surreal. Winter definatly feels real. Winter is too cold and annoying for it not to feel real. It's like trying to watch your favorite movie with the phone ringing constantly and a 4 year old crawling on your face. I don't understand my own metaphores sometimes. Two of my sunflowers have sprouted little leaves. Ashley said she saw 3, but I think maybe one of the ones I thought sprouted earlier was just a weed or something, but these new things are deffinatly the real deal.

I like this house, it's kind of isolated. I don't feel as much like I'm stuck in the cookie-cutter eggcartons of suburbia. I've got a little more space, I can think easier. I almost feel relaxed here.

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  1. Sweetie, has it occured to you that maybe the problem is the brushing 3x's a day? Your mouth can't catch up in reproducing good bacteria...