Thursday, May 13, 2004

Why are poeple so suprised when expected things happen? Why are people angry when their 3 year old misbehaves, or when there's long lines at the grocery store? Why do we trouble ourselves with the natural expected outcome of events?

My work is always a shining example of this. Holidays, of course are the worst. Mother's Day we experienced the busiest day we've had in some years apparently, yet there were managers screaming at the top of their lungs about food not being cooked fast enough. Also screaming about servers not picking up the food fast enough. Most days I have no sympathy for the servers, but on a holiday, I would hate to be them. The yelling unsued, with a tone of suprise or unexpectedness. They booked the house solid for three hours, and during those three hours expected things to go as smoothly as they would if there were only ten people in the house.

Moreoever, I don't get paid enough to concern myself. Even if I were to concern myself, they would still never pay me enough for as long as I worked there. The fact of the matter is, people who work there are pretty much dirt-poor most of the time. Point being; we're expected to bust our balls, take verbal abuse from the managers, take physical abuse from the job (burns, cuts, etc...), get the food out on time, perfect, all for less than what's considered a proper living wage. I can't even afford a cheap appartment for what they're paying me there. I should get a job doing sound design for local commercials or something. I could make the music for those cheesey Hanson's Windows commercials. Tripple eight, triple three, double two, double four...Hansens.

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