Friday, May 14, 2004


This whole prison abuse thing lately is just killing me. I'm not so much surprised at what happened. Hell, I even kinda half expected it. What I'm more surprised at is American reaction. Mind you, the politicians and the media are hyping it as much as possible, because well, that's what they do. But are they hyping because they really disagree with it? I'm starting to think no. Any time there's some kind of political scandal politicians and the media always dramatize it, so really, their opinions on the matter really have no bearing on reality. They don't care about the prisoners, they care about the scandal.

What I'm really reading off of are the locals. Also, I've been noticing the reactions of the Christian right. The locals seem to be under the opinion that "they had it coming" and "they deserve it for what they did". I'm not exactly sure what they did except defend their country from invasion. Hell, when Jessica lynch was taken prisoner, afterward she reported no mistreatment nor sexual abuse. The Americans want to call themselves the good guys? They're the invaders, the tyrants in this situation. Mind you, I have no desire to see the world taken over by Islamic extremists either.

Several times I've heard people say "Lets just Nuke the whole goddamn country". If you are an American reading this, I want you to consider that these people are trying to speak for you. They are trying to be your voice. I would like you to consider that the US government is trying to speak for you. I would like you to consider that there are people trying to commit mass genocide in your name.

What's the 700 club (my mortal enemy) have to say about this? Good Ole' Pat's opinion on the matter is that we're focusing too much attention on the mistreatment of the prisoners and not enough attention on the war. My response to that is this: Times of War and distress are the EXACT time we need to be focusing on such matters. These are the times that it truly counts. These are the times that the world is watching. These are the times when we have to decide how we are going to be defined. If we have enough energy and resources to fight a war on two fronts, we have enough time and resources to look into how US troops are behaving in the names of those who support the war, but especial how they are behaving in the names of those who do not.

In political ad news, the latest round of bush anti-Kerry ads are out. These ones have quotes of politians saying that Kerry is "the most liberal democrat" working today. My advice GW, stop running the ads. You're wasting your own money. All these ads accomplish is to re-enforce the liberal views of liberals and conservative views of conservatives. There's no room in swinging undecided votes. Also, you know you've got a solid candidate when the worst thing his opponent has to say about him is that he has doubts whether or not a war is the best course of action. Or for that matter, he's "liberal". More advice, and this relates to how you run your entire administrations. You think having balls and acting tough gets you what you want, but it doesn't. All pounding your chest does is inspire your opponents to lash out against you. This includes your political opponents, objecting citizens, and your war enemies abroad.

USA, you make me sick. Fuck this awful scum infested self rightous place. Wolf down your goddamn burgers and fries until you all die of heart disease.

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