Sunday, May 16, 2004

Waffles and Paint Buckets

I just woke up from what was about an hour nap. I shouldn't sleep during the day as it usually leaves me waking up with a headache, but I'm ok right now for some reason. I still keep dreaming about highschool. It's usually however not my own highschool. And the people in the shcool are not those that I went to school with. They seem to be completely fictional. I don't even recongnize any of them. I had a dream the other night that it was present day, but I was telling everyone that my girlfriend from highschool was dead; that she died in a car accident or something, but she really didn't. What a shame. Did I say that last part out loud?

They just announced the lineup for the Movement festival this year. I am happy to report that it doesn't suck. But of course, per usual, there aren't any drum&bass acts on the lineup. The powers that be in the techno underworld in detroit have been trying to deny the existance of drum&bass for years it seems (for some reason that isn't clear to me) Hopefully I will have the cd I want to pass out ready in time. I've got everything nearly ready for it. I still need to buy the discs and order the labels for them. As a further reminder to myself, order the labels by no latter than the 19th. I have taken most of that week (of the festival) off of work. It is going to be a much needed vacation. I'm sick of looking all those bastards I work with.

I must say it feels really freaking good to be in a mature, non-stupid, uncomplicated relationship for a change. We got breakfast this morning. I had a waffle and she had potato pancakes I think. I never thought just going to breakfast, or to a hardware store with another person could have such a satisifying and calming feeling. Course I just have to remember not to worry so much.

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