Friday, November 21, 2003

Thoughts on Planet of the Apes (2001, Tim Burton)

I just watched this movie again after seeing it when it first was released. Apparently there is some controversy over the ending. If you're not familiar with the ending, here's the summery: After leo davidon's ordeal with the ape planet in the future, he returns to earth during his time period to discover that somehow earth has been overrun by apes and now they are the dominant speices. the end. roll credits.

Reading through some message boards I found some expected comments, such as "The ending was stupid and didn't make any sense", "The movie was stupid and they just put the confusing ending to try to cover that up". I really like when people think that they can automatically persuade you by saying things like "Just face it already...this was a horrible movie". As if "just face it..." is some kind of imperical evidence. Whenever a movie ending is puzzling, shmucks come out of the woodwork running their mouths about how stupid it was. Shuddap.

The explanation from Tim Burton and Fox: There is no's open for interpretation, it's suposed to make you think and theorize.

Which it has, I've read many many theories...all of which over complicate the issue and either miss very important aspects of the movie, or misinterprate events in the movie.

The biggest missinterpretation: Peraclies' return. When peraclies decends from the sky, he is MISTAKEN for Cemos, the ape god. He IS NOT meant to be Cemos. Cemos is the actual ape god, and Thade's ancestor, Pereclies has nothing to do with Thade.

The apes on the planet are: Ancestors of Cemos and his lot.
The humans on the planet are: Ancestors of those who escaped Cemos.

Now that we've gotten that cleared up, remember one fact that I think gets lost a little bit in the movie but is critial. Thade is only person who knows where Davidson's original Pod landed. He wanted it this way, as he killed his lackies that saw it first.

Now remember what the Ex-general from Thade's army says, "Thade will stop at nothing, he will never stop coming" This too, is critial. Now add those 2 things togeather along with the time-bending electrical storm between the two worlds, and you have a locial explanation.

Mind you, it still has some holes, but I think it's the best idea yet.

All-in-all it was suposed to be a cliff-hanger for the sequal...however tim burton has said he would rather "jump out of a window" than make a sequal for fox.

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