Wednesday, August 30, 2017

I'm done, I'm just done. This whole Obama/Katrina thing just again demonstrates the very fundamental level at which people don't care about their own ignorance. It doesn't even matter... you point out why someone's being ignorant and it makes no difference because it's resting on top of an even deeper foundation of ignorance. You point out why THAT'S wrong and they point out something even deeper, then eventually they circle back around to the first thing again. I'm out. Be stupid, then celebrate it each time you reach new depths. Wreck the fucking planet. Plunge the country into economic and political darkness. Hate who you're gonna fucking hate, I can't stop you anyway. I'm autistc, an atheist, a "liberal" in a very loose definition of that term, hate me... nothing I say will affect that. Hate my friends who are gay, black, muslim, transgender, whatever... their pleas for equality and tolerance only seem to make you hate them more anyway. I'm a white male, is that last statement somewhat coming from a place of privlage? Yes, it is... but I don't know what the fuck to do about it that makes one bit of fucking difference. Seriously... do nothing, and this shit seems to get worse... do something and it seems to get worse even faster....

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