Tuesday, January 10, 2017

The Flint Movie

In response to a theme I see popping up on social media memes lately about the Flint water mess...

It may surprise you to learn that the people that need to unfuck it and the people at Lifetime are not in fact one in the same. Our useless Michigan legistlature and our shithead Governor has to do that. Someone else on this thread called it "awareness porn"...I mean, okay, I guess you can take that sanctimonious attitude about it if you want but lets take stock here of who has done what... Lifetime is airing a movie about it that will reach an audience and raise awareness (even if only a little) that wouldn't otherwise care about this type of thing... then we've got people sharing memes with their friends on facebook that are largely preaching to the choir (Jelessia, I'm not picking on you specifically). 

Yes, the criticism about it having a white lead may be fair, it might not be... everyone in Flint is affected, not just the black population even if they have a slight majority. While representation is important, at this very moment the water thing and exposing the corrupt criminals in our government behind it is way more important and I'm glad a spotlight is being put on it even if it's just a crappy lifetime movie. But I admit, I'm a white dude who doesn't personally feel the sting of represtation problems, so I suppose taking that portion of my opinion with a grain of salt is fair.

Cleary these memes that say "X is happening but Flint still doesn't have clean water" annoy for much the same reason a lot of social/political memes do: They misrepresent and oversimplify the problem. 'A' usually has little or nothing to do with 'B' and it's just sort of this vague lashing out at the abstract concept of society while completely ignoring the specifics of the situation.

Few people outside of those in Flint are more pissed off about this shit than I am, and it goes back to to the day at the height of the great recession that Snyder decided he was going to strip elected leaders of their power and appoint an "emergency financial manager" to certain cities (including Flint and Detroit). Let 'em make their stupid, sappy lifetime movie. It's more than what most people can do/are doing.

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