Thursday, January 19, 2017


What if I told you that polls can be misleading, and sometimes flatly wrong (as we've seen recently)..but that doesn't mean we should just dismiss polls and pollsters simply because by it's very nature it's an imperfect science and just believe whatever the hell it is that it's convenient to believe. The truth is that scientific polls are *usually* right. Where they're wrong is the exception and not the rule.
This sort of thinking is no better than climate deniers pointing to 1 piece of data that scientists got wrong out of the thousands and thousands of things they've been right about and claiming that ALL of the data must be wrong if it ALL of it isn't right.
This is no better than Trump dismissing evidence of Russian election meddling because it was provided by "the same CIA that said Iraq had WMDs". A side note to that...lets not forget Iraq should have never even been in the conversation, nevermind if anyone thought they had WMDs..but I digress.
What I am saying is this is lazy, dissonant thinking.Look at the whole picture, not just the hot-button issue on the news right now. The biggest thing that some don't get is that ***The REASON THAT IT'S SUCH BIG NEWS WHEN STUFF LIKE THIS IS WRONG IS THAT IT'S USUALLY CORRECT.***

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