Friday, August 11, 2006

Jerk Flyer

* NOW WITH IMPROVED SPELLING! * It's time for those of us with public courtesy to do something. That's why I have made this flyer. Next time someone double parks in a crowded parking lot, leave this on their windshield. Next time someone's being loud in the movie theater, fold it up, hand it to them and say "excuse me, you dropped this". Next time someone in front of you at in the express lane at the grocery store clearly has more than 10 items, slip this into one of their bags. The reasons someone might receive this are endless. Be creative, it should appear to have come from an annoynmous source as to give them impression that it's a public gripe, not a personal one. Of course, don't hesitate to email this back to someone who has sent out annoying spam. You could also snail-mail it annoymously. Click on the flyer for the full sized version to print. Also here is the URL of the image so you can link to it or post it on other sites without having to re-upload:

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