Wednesday, December 24, 2003

I yoinked this off of the wall at work awhile back, I've been meaning to put it up and I just ran acrossed it again. It's kinda big (length wise), so I'll just post the link to it...


Where do I start. I want to get whoever drew this to do a character drawing of me. With a burgalar mask on. Hell, this guy could make a fortune at drawing famous celebrities with burgalar masks on. I've seen alot of unsavory looking people in my time, but none of them were wearing a mask.

Stop the thugs? Thugs?? This is why this poster encompasses America's twisted veiw of crime. People are taught to be afraid of big ugly bald guys wearing bugular masks. Hell, I'd be afraid of him too if he was knocking at our back door wearing a striped prison uniform. From all those bolders he was crushing on the side of the road he's probably armed with a sledge hammer too.

The last thing I find interesting is the prison number at the bottom the illustration. That number seems awful specific to be made up. This makes me think it's a composite drawing. Ya know...some old lady got robbed and decribed this masked goon to the police.

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