Monday, April 30, 2018

Money Grubbing Piles of Trash

Granted, most critics liked it, but to the ones that love to pop their heads up any time a comic book movie comes out complaining about the over the top special effects, or to declare that these movies are nothing more than over-expensive money grubbing piles of trash...First of all, something being commercial and also having artistic merit are not mutually exclusive. Second: I have not seen 1 fan reaction gushing about the special effects on Infinity War. Nobody is talking about being blown away by explosions or CGI alien creatures. EVERY positive reaction I've seen has been talking about the emotional impact it had. So while I do enjoy reading reviews to see different takes on movies, some of them seem to be paying a whole hell of a lot more attention to the SFX than the fans who are actually shelling out all the money.

I guess my point is about any individual movie. Someone claiming that they're tired of seeing these types of movies or something says nothing about the merit of one specific movie. I get it, maybe some people, like James Cameron, are sick of it. More to the point I've ready reviews specifically talking about Infinity War being an over-bloated mess of characters and CG with no substance. Ok, fine, that's their opinion. Can't please everyone. I just find it interesting that the fan reactions are all about how it * felt *, not how it looked. I'm not saying that critics are always wrong, or even mostly wrong... I'm saying that some that were writing reviews about this particular movie already had it in their head that they were sick of this sort of thing. But...again, even if it got mostly bad reviews I'm not going to go on some tirade about how reviewers are evil or are conspiring to take the wind from the sails of a certain franchinse, director, or type of movie (EG: DCEU).

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