Saturday, July 09, 2016

Pokemon Go and More Important things

I don't care about this new Pokemon game, but to those I've seen post things to the effect of "How can you concern yourself with Pokemon at a time of national tragedy and the world falling apart!": You answered your own question. I also don't buy that there's some conscious conspiracy by entertainment media companies to "distract" us from real issues. A large chunk of my facebook friend base either works in the entertainment industry in some respect, or creates entertainment themselves. I don't think any of them that work for Marvel or DC... or those that strive to are doing it so we'll stop paying attention to police shootings. This shit is terrible, let people enjoy things when they can without being all judgy about it. The world will always be falling apart. If Pokemon in some small way is helping keep it glued together by offering up some small amount of joy, keep your feed-hole shut about it.

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