Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Why Didn't I Hear About This?

People don't read the news, then share memes about some news story they like but have never heard of and act like there was some sort of media conspiracy to ignore it or keep the information from you. A quick google search then reveals that all kinds of stories existed on the topic at the time it happened. The media by and large isn't keeping things from you (at least on the aggregate, as I always preach: read multiple sources), it's that you don't like to read anything that isn't in small, easily digestible meme form (and probably inaccurate or over-simplified). "Why didn't I hear about this?" probably because you had your head up your ass. Yes, the media puts a focus on some dumb, unimportant things many times... but if you stop clicking that dumb shit, and click the on the important topics, the ad-revenue dollars are going to speak for themselves.

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