Saturday, February 01, 2014

Utah Idiots Charged With Felonies

Often, stupidity is only punished when it actually hurts someone. I'm happy to learn that ignorance and stupidity in it's purest form is being punished this time, simply for the sake of it. The two men who pushed over an ancient rock formation in Goblin valley have been charged with felonies.

I was in the boy-scouts. One of the key rules about trips like this is "Don't disturb mother nature". These jackasses did it gleefully. They've been quoted as saying they just did what made sense at the time so that nobody would get hurt from the rock in the future. If these half-wits had remembered anything about their grade-school geology education, or maybe just stopped and thought about it for a minute, they would have realized that this structure took millions of years to form and isn't going anywhere any time soon. Unless some jackass pushes it over. I don't accept ignorance as an excuse here. Nobody should have needed to tell them specifically not to disturb the rock formations.

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