Tuesday, April 23, 2013

This appeared on reddit recently and has been circulating social media. Click for larger view.

I'm pretty sure a choice of ignorance is what gets us into these kinds of messes to begin with. If something terrible happens, you aught to find out why. This includes understanding the motivations of criminals sometimes. All this person on reddit did was take a holier-than-thou / "won't somebody please think of the children" attitude in order to make him/herself seem noble. No, we don't need 24 hour news yammering on and on about irrelevant details about the person; but who they were and what might have led to this? I think we can sacrifice a few a synaptic connections for that. Sad as it is, remembering the names of the victims isn't going to help prevent something like this in the future. They have families, and people who knew and loved them personally for that. Let THEM do the personal grieving and spare me phony sentimentality.

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