Sunday, March 16, 2008

The Osborns Can't Catch a Break

I just read Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 19: Death of a Goblin. Harry and Norman Osborn can't seem to catch a break in the comics and on film. This collection chronicles Norman Osborn's last stand against SHIELD and Spider-Man. The story line is pretty straight-forward; Harry breaks out of the max-security SHIELD prison, goes on TV and tries to ruin Nick Fury's rep for holding him with out charges, SHIELD uses Spider-Man and Goblin Jr as bait to get him back. The ending is pretty intense, and also mirrors the regular marvel universe's post civil war no nonsense attitude.

New artist Stuart Immonen picks up smoothly where Mark Bagley left off. I thought it might be awkward or the book might feel different shifting to another artist, but I'm glad to see that it didn't.


  1. Trevor, are you into the 'Brand New Day' storyline? I've never followed Spiderman, but I recently heard a great podcast concerning all things Spiderman at The MP3 runs just over an hour, and is a panel-style discussion of fans who are reading the series. You can hear it here:

  2. Thanks Man, I just added this to podcast subscriptions.