Thursday, March 01, 2007

Civil War Fallout

The Marvel Civil War has at last come to a close. The result wasn't what everyone was initially hoping for. That's right, Tony Stark's pro-registration movement won. At least the Secret Avengers busted most of the captured heroes out of the negative zone prison.

Honestly, I'm not really at all surprised by the result; the story had a point, Tony Stark had a point, and eventually Captain America saw that. Growing up I always wondered how it was that these heroes got away with tearing up the city to fight what was usually just personal battles. In the end, Cap looks around at all the destruction they've caused from their last stand with Iron Man and he just gives himself up. Not everyone was on board with that decision but everyone follows his orders to stand down. Some kind of temporary amnesty thing happened with the rest of caps team, I'm not sure what that was about, but they were allowed to escape I think was the point.

Over in Spider-Man's world, Aunt May's been shot and he's back in his black costume as he's forced to go underground now.

I'm really excited about the Avengers titles coming out of all of this. We've got The Might Avengers starting anew with Carol Danvers as the leader, the Sentry still on board, Ares, Wonder-Man and few other favorites. The New Avengers are still hanging around with a slightly modified lineup. We've got Doctor Strange added now, but of course we're down Captain America, Iron Man, and the Sentry.

All in all it's been a wild ride, and a good one. The next major thing from Marvel I'm looking forward to is "World War Hulk" coming this summer. Hulk returns to earth after the "Planet Hulk" story and exacts some revenge on the bastards that exiled him (Reed Richards, Tony Stark). Looks to be another good year in comics.

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