Thursday, February 08, 2007

Still Lost, In a Good Way

Well, Lost finally returned and I have to say that this wasn't my favorite episode of the 7 that have aired so far this season. However, it was without a doubt my favorite flashback. You get to see into Juliette's past and how she came to work with the Others on the island. Turns out Juliette is even more emotionally damaged than we first imagined and perhaps even a little bit sick and misguided. She was apparently performing fertility experiments on her dying sister, which ended up being successful. Meanwhile, back on the island, Jack held good on his threat to let Ben die on the operating table if the Others didn't let Kate and Sawyer go. Juliette only helps helps them escape only after Ben wakes up from the surgery and tells her that he will let Juliette leave the island if she cooperates and allows Jack to save his life. This is the first indication we've gotten that Juliette isn't staying there willingly. So, Kate and Sawyer are free to go back to the main island and Jack tells them never to come back for him.

Over on 24, Jack Bauer has met up with a man from last season that we now learn is his evil brother. His dad kills him to silence some sort of dastardly plan that he's up to. And Wayne Palmer is still not a believable president. I'd say the writers should kill him off, but I'm tired of the rotating door to the presidency on the show. I just wish they had picked someone else this season. James Hellar would have been a better choice. The terrorist still have 4 more suitcase nukes in LA. Chloe's Ex-Husband/Current boyfriend Morris was drawn out of CTU and kidnapped in order to rewire the nukes. All in all it was a pretty good episode this week, and it's turning into a good season; I've just got to get past baby brother Palmer.


  1. "Well, Lost finally returned and I have to say that this wasn't my favorite episode of the 7 that have aired so far this season."

    I couldn't agree more. If you're anything like me, after this past week's episode (2/21), you're probably getting ready to bail altogether. If it wasn't for the promise of getting back to the core characters next week (Locke, Hurley etc.), I would be looking for something else to do on Wednesday nights.

  2. Yeah, this week's was a bit of a let down, but I think part of my let down was the high I was on from Desmond's time-travel episode.

    I've got to take the bad ones along with the good ones I guess.