Thursday, January 18, 2007

Day 6, The Following Takes Place Between 6am-10am

24: Day 6 has begun. Last Sunday and Monday the first 4 hours aired, and to my delight those same episodes were released on DVD on tuesday. Granted I had them recorded, but how could I pass up getting them in dvd quality. Also, you get 10 bucks off the complete season 6 when it comes out (or any of the seasons already released).

Spoiler Warning

Jack has been traded and released from the Chinese prison he was held in for nearly 2 years. A terrorist named Abu Fayed has demanded Jack's life in exchange for the location of the group responsible for an 11 week series of suicide bombings that have left over 900 Americans dead. The only problem is, this is a setup and Fayed is the guilty party. Realizing this, Jack escapes and helps the framed terrorist escape the US assault so that he may help them find Fayed.

After much tracking, hiding, and ass-kicking Jack and his new terrorist ally are too late, and Fayed's men are able to detonate a suit-case nuke in a suburban area outside of L.A. Intelligence then indicates that there are 4 more of these nukes out there somewhere.

These first four episodes so far have been the most tense of any season opener yet. You've got terrorist attacks that have already taken place, a damaged Jack Bauer, and a rookie president who doesn't know quite how to handle himself yet. If they keep up the quality of these episodes throughout the season, this looks to be the best yet. Go pick up that DVD.

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