Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Titanic, yes I said "Titanic"

Ashley and I watched the entirety of Titanic the other day and when it was over I realized something; I had sat there for over 3 hours and 15 minutes and watched what I still believe is a pretty corny movie. More specifically what finally came to me about the movie was why it was so insanely popular. While I don't care for the plot nor really would I ever go out of my way to see it again I realized that the film is almost perfectly paced. Most other 3+ hour movies will lag in the middle somewhere, have an awkward, drawn-out ending, or have 3 false endings. Titanic, it seems, doesn't fall into any of those trappings. It begins, it middles, and it ends. It tells a big, long story, and yet I sat there and watched the whole thing without being bored. That, along with it's sappy love story and suspenseful finish is why so many people like a movie that before I would have snickered at. So there you have it, I found something positive about a movie I never really liked.

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